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Special Branch Tree Care NZ
Specialised Arboriculture Company in Christchurch | Canterbury - 24/7 for wind damage emergencies
Call 24/7 for wind damage emergencies

Special Branch Tree Care NZ is your professional arborist across Christchurch and Canterbury

  • Tree removal, thinning and pruning

  • Expert arborists working to high standards of care and health and safety

  • Tree reports covering structural assessments, health, and other issues

Need tree trimming or thinning in Canterbury?

Special Branch Tree Care NZ is your expert for the job

Maintaining your trees helps them to enjoy better health and ensures none are dangerous and makes the most of the view.


With more than 25 years of experience as tree surgeons under our belts, we’re your trusted experts when it comes to trimming and thinning trees on your property.


Whether it's a native or an exotic species, our team can provide the right high-quality care using specialist equipment which is electric-powered where possible to reduce our noise and environmental impacts.

We offer a full range of tree services including:

tree thinning

Tree thinning: This involves the removal of dead, damaged, and diseased branches, combined with the selective pruning of branches to enable more light and air through the canopy. It can significantly improve the health of your trees and the surrounding garden area.

tree thinning

Crown reductions: This is the reduction of the height and diameter of the crown - the branches, leaves, and other structures that extend from the trunk or main stems of the tree. This is often necessary for safety reasons, to avoid overhead obstructions such as electrical and telecommunications lines, or sometimes it might just be blocking sunlight or a special view.

tree thinning

Formative pruning: Pruning of young trees in this way helps to improve their structure, form and health.

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