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Special Branch Tree Care NZ
Specialised Arboriculture Company in Christchurch | Canterbury - 24/7 for wind damage emergencies
Call 24/7 for wind damage emergencies

Specialist hedge and shelterbelt trimming

  • Trim any size of hedge or shelterbelt to improve its look and minimise overhangs

  • Regular hedge maintenance to keep it under control all year round

  • All work is undertaken safely and debris cleared afterwards

Special Branch Tree Care NZ specialises in the trimming and maintenance of hedges and shelterbelts for both urban and rural properties throughout Christchurch and Canterbury.

Hedge looking a bit unruly and overgrown?

Call Special Branch Tree Care

Hedges are a popular feature of many Kiwi homes, providing shelter from road noise, wind and prying eyes, while adding a softer, more pleasant look than fencing. 


However, if they are not regularly maintained, hedges can become out of control and overgrow footpaths and berms, creating issues for passers by or traffic hazards and sometimes triggering intervention by local authorities to cut them back.


With our extensive arboricultural experience gained over more than 25 years in the business, Special Branch Tree Care NZ has the skills and equipment to properly maintain your hedge safely. We can come in and tame your overgrown hedge whatever its size and create a neat and stylish boundary for your property.

We can also arrange regular hedge trimming to keep things looking tidy all year round. And we'll remove all cuttings and debris afterwards to keep your garden tidy and clean.


Contact us today for a free quote on hedge trimming for your property. Our team works across Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region and can also take care of all your tree trimming and pruning requirements.

Regular trimming keeps the shelterbelts on your lifestyle block or farm tidy and effective

tree thinning

Shelterbelt: While valuable in keeping paddocks and homes sheltered from the elements, shelterbelts need to be regularly trimmed to keep them effective and looking great.

tree thinning

Tall Hedges = Special Equipment: You may have the tools to do this yourself, but sometimes the shelterbelt reaches a point where you need specialised equipment to reach the heights required to trim them.

tree thinning

Safety at Heights: Special Branch Tree Care NZ is experienced at working safely at heights with the rigging equipment necessary to undertake shelterbelt trimming even on a large scale. Health and safety features highly in all our work, with careful planning undertaken to reduce risks. Don't risk a job at heights, call us instead.

When the hedges and shelterbelts are all completed, we’ll remove the trimmings to keep your paddocks clear, saving you the job of tidying up - or we can deposit the arborist chip wherever you want it if you want it for mulch or groundcover.


You'll be pleased to know we use electric equipment wherever possible to reduce our impact on the environment and to reduce our sound pollution. We can also offer advice on how best to maintain your shelterbelts to create a thriving ecosystem.


If you need larger scale land clearing to create better access or accommodate new developments, our team can assist by clearing large areas of vegetation, felling trees and removing the stumps.


Contact us to arrange a quote for shelterbelt trimming.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and arrange a booking or consultation.

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